Correcting Roe v. Wade

Pro-lifers only seek to regulate abortions. Though it may not be their intent, Pro-lifers are the ones keeping abortion legal. Pro-lifers lobby for legislation containing language like this: “It’s legal to kill your child if you wait 36 hours to decide” or “It’s legal to kill your child if you give him or her pain killers first.” (Of course, these are paraphrased.)
Representative Moon does not seek to regulate abortion. He intends to work with the state legislature to correct the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade 1973. With the help of others, both representatives and fellow Missourians, we will be successful!


Thousands of preborn human beings are murdered by abortion each day. This attack upon the imago Dei – image of God – has been taking place since 1973 when the Supreme Court unlawfully perpetrated this bloodshed upon the nation.


The Supreme Court issued an opinion in 2015 attempting to impose homosexual marriage upon the states. This corrupt ruling is in direct rebellion against God’s created order and furthers the denigration of marriage and family.


The federal judiciary has trampled our Constitution and routinely dispenses injustice and immorality. Congress has foisted upon us endless regulations and debilitating lawsuits; and subjected us to bureaucracies who invade our business and domestic affairs and are accountable to no one.

What Then Shall We Do?

We submit to you a historic biblical doctrine which has been employed by men for thousands of years and has proven successful to rein in the lawless acts of higher civil authorities.


When a superior civil authority (such as our federal government) makes unjust or immoral laws, policies, or court opinions, the lesser-ranking civil authority (such as a governor or a sheriff) has the right and duty not to obey the higher authority, and if necessary, to actively resist the superior authority.

This doctrine rests on two foundational principles that have guided Western civilization for over 1,500 years, but have been lost to Christians in the last 100.

1) All governments derive their authority from God, who is the ultimate authority, and whose Law is the standard of justice and good governance. Upon these two foundations, the law of nature and the law of revelation [God’s written law], depend all human laws; that is to say, no human laws should be suffered to contradict these.” William Blackstone (1765) – Most cited Legal Scholar of America’s Founding Era

2) Lower ranking civil authorities DO NOT have to always obey the orders of higher ranking civil authorities. For example, when the Supreme Court foisted homosexual marriage on our nation, many conservative governors said, “We have to obey the Federal courts.” This is not true. No elected official is obligated to simply obey an immoral or unconstitutional command, whether the command is to arrest Jews, return runaway slaves, abort little helpless babies, or redefine marriage. Lower officials can – and at times must – say no. When they do this they are not breaking the law, but rather upholding the rule of law in the face of a higher authority who is trampling it under foot.


More info can be found at lessermagistrate.com

HJR 98 sponsored by Mike Moon, received a supermajority vote in the House to end abortion in Missouri.

Mike supports every law abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms and voted for SB 656 (Permit-less carry).

HB 2582 was introduced by Mike to require approval of the General Assembly before regulations can be enforced.

Sharia law must not be allowed in MO courts. Mike sponsored HJR 69 to allow voters to weigh-in on the matter.